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BioMatch® Technology

We are one of only four exclusive sites in the UK and the only one in the North of England that use the unique and patented BioMatch ® system, a scientific process which matches your golf clubs so that you can use the same swing for all your clubs. This delivers the all-important consistency that every golfer seeks.  However, it does not cure the errant shot that we are all prone to have on occasions.

Players who have had their clubs BioMatched have had improvements in their dispersion rates of, on average, over 45%, as well as an increase in distance.  A recent client, playing off a handicap of 11, on using his newly supplied custom hand built Bio Matched clubs played to a handicap of 7.

In another recent case, a previous competitive scratch player and now teaching professional, achieved an average 10 yard increase in distance and a significant betterment of dispersion across the range of clubs with a massive 90% improvement in his dispersion with a sand wedge. (Anderson and Wadden 2019)

We are also able to offer you a range of other services including BioMatch® fitting of your current set; a rebuild of your current clubs; re-shafting; as well as a range of other services and repairs. We have had considerable success in fitting players with ACCRA shafts, for their drivers and metal woods, significantly improving their performance. One client with a single figure handicap, who keeps a set of playing clubs at each of his properties, was so satisfied that he had ACCRA shafts fitted to each of his drivers. We were recently commissioned to ‘sort out’ a competitive professionals set of irons that were performing inconsistently and ‘felt’ wrong.  We were also commissioned to renovate and improve the performance of a set of modern collectors irons.  Both pieces of work resulted in happy and satisfied clients.

In each and every case our ethos is the same. Close attention is paid to detail and your requirements.

    Example of a 7 Iron



    Additional and Affiliate Services

    Our services don’t stop there! We are able to take a more holistic approach by working with and referring you to other reputable and established professionals to address other elements of the game should you require this:


    • Rachael Tibbs of Dynamic Golf (A golf specific fitness and conditioning coach, who is a regular contributor and writer on the subject, for a golf magazine and on social media)
    • Richard Lambert  (Advanced PGA coach who has been ranked in the top 50 coaches by Today’s Golfer)
    • Craig Helliwell (A PGA coach at Ripon City Golf Club and previous Head Assistant Professional at Moortown Golf Club)

    Our club fitting and repairs services are suitable for ALL makes and types of clubs 

    Download the BioMatch® Magazine Articles & Testimonials:

    Read ‘the Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs’ white paper by Gisle Solhaug

    I first experienced Bruce’s work when he replaced a driver shaft for me, which I had broken when practising. I am a left-hander and was having problems getting a hybrid that suited me and gave me confidence when I looked down at it.  I went to Bruce at Optimum and we went through a thorough and detailed fitting process. The result is a hand built a Wishon 775 hybrid  3.  No Hooks, No Slices.  The ball is going long and straight. It looks great, gives me confidence and it has become my go to club for longer distances.



    Went to Optimum Custom Golf Clubs  for a putter fitting.  The process was impressive, as I had never thought to have my putter fitted.  I am now putting much better and with a putter that fits me. Since being fitted I have won 1 tournament and played to my par in others .  Have now arranged a fitting for a set of Miuras – they look great!